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2008 Winter Trip -- South America and Antarctica Peninsula -- Ushuaia, Argentina and Cape Horn.


2008 Winter Trip -- South America and Antarctica Peninsula
Ushuaia, Argentina and Cape Horn

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This article was posted on March 1, 2009.

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Fodor's South America Travel Guide

Antarctica Country Guide, by Jeff Rubin

Ushuaia, Argentia is billed as the world's Southernmost city (though Puerto Williams, Chile is a bit further South.) Ushuaia is a frequent embarkation point for Antarctic expeditions.

Picture 20:
Approaching Ushuaia on a windy, sunny day.

Picture 21:
Downtown Ushuaia.

Picture 21:
Cruise ship Ocean Star at pier


Picture 21:
Motor yacht Laurel


The 240 ft Laurel is the largest private yacht built in the US (Delta Marine Shipyard in Seattle in 2006) and No. 41 on the list of the world's largest yachts.

Puerto Williams, Chile

A bit further South than Ushuaia though much smaller, the settlement and military base at Puerto Williams, Chile also lays claim as the world's Southernmost town.

Picture 20:
Sun setting behind the mountains at Puerto Williams.

Cape Horn, Chile

This 1,400 foot high rocky island marks the southern tip of the South American continent. A Chilean military officer and his family is posted there with a Cape Horn immigration stamp.

Picture 20:
Sunrise rounding Cape Horn.

Picture 20:
Cape Horn.

Pictures from the Antarctic Peninsula - click here.


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