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Rob Bennett (Passion Saving) irresponsible and a persistent liar?

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This article was posted January 19, 2005.

Rob Bennett (author of Passion Saving: The Path to Plentiful Free Time and Soul-Satisfying Work) is well known within the Early Retirement community. He is generally regarded as irresponsible and a persistent liar. Bennett has been banned from most of the Internet discussion forums on the topic.

Here are a few links to some of Rob's posts on retirement planning, "death threats", and message board administration.

University researcher (gw) asks hocus (Rob Bennett) to substantiate his allegations that "death threats" have been made against him -- concludes that Rob Bennett is "irresponsible and a persistent liar."

Morningstar's Investing DURING Retirement forum discovers that Rob Bennett (hocus) is a fraud. This is a particularly delusional thread where hocus (Rob Bennett) issues a "press release" announcing that Four Pillars author Dr. William Bernstein and Dallas Morning News financial columnist Scott Burns endorse his views on retirement investing. After nearly 200 posts where community members try to get hocus to back up his claims without success, most Diehards have written Rob Bennett off as a fraud.

Rob Bennett's classic 'Book of Hook' rant

Rob Bennett threatens the life of early-retirement.org founder Bill Sholar (dory36) and his grandchild

Analysis of Rob Bennett's failed retirement plan.

Simple Questions Rob Bennett Doesn't Answer.

You should probably familiarize yourself with the material above before you take Rob Bennett's career counseling or financial advice seriously.

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