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Investment fees, commissions, and financial advisors.



Investment fees, commissions, and financial advisors.

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Perhaps the most important aspect of saving and investing is how much you're paying in fees and commissions. The higher the fees and commissions, the less likely the investment is in your interest. Invariably, high fee investment products benefit the salesman rather than the client.

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[check mark] Retire Early's seven tips for successful saving and investing.
Common sense advice from someone who's "been there and done that."
[check mark] How do I select a financial advisor ? What should it cost ?
Retire Early outlines three criteria you should look at carefully. Plus, some tips on avoiding the truly crooked advisors.
[check mark] Are you getting the shaft in your mutual fund?
You probably are. Retire Early shows you how and why.
[check mark] Are you getting the shaft in your 401k ?
Believe it or not, there's even more opportunity to get hosed in your 401k.
[check mark] Implementing your low fee retirement plan.
In response to several readers' questions, Retire Early shows how to implement our low fee, low commission approach.
[check mark] SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt questions mutual fund fees.
Retire Early offers its suggestions for improved disclosure.
[check mark] How much should I be paying in fees?
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. averages 0.02% of assets. Retire Early shows you how to do the same.
[check mark] Should I invest in mutual funds or individual stocks and bonds?
Many people just assume that mutual funds are best, but like most "conventional wisdom", it's often wrong.
[check mark] Are CDs a good substitute for Treasury securities ?
Retire Early shows that CDs may be more attractive than Treasuries for some investors.
[check mark] Asset Allocations for the Ages.
The Trinity Study meets Stocks for the Long Run. How should you invest your retirement nest egg ?
[check mark] Are your mutual fund fees so high you can't retire ?
What you pay in fees and commissions may be delaying your retirement.
[check mark] How do I determine my investment expenses ?
Most people look at only part of the costs of investing in mutual funds. Retire Early offers its unique perspective.
[check mark] Are Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) a complete hedge against inflation for retirees ?
Many people don't realize that TIPS may not keep up with their personal inflation rate.
[check mark] Estate Planning for Early Retirees - How To Avoid Getting Screwed.
A few things to consider on this often overlooked topic.
[check mark] Fun with Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).
Does Compounded Annual Growth Rate reflect reality?
[check mark] Does Your Financial Advisor Take More of Your Money Each Year Than the IRS?
If you're paying too much in fees and commissions, he may be.

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