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2007 Hocus-Free Accreditation Awards - Congratulations, Vanguard Diehards.

2007 Hocus-Free Accreditation Awards
Congratulations, Vanguard Diehards

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This article was first posted February 20, 2007.

Passion Saving author Rob Bennett is a self-proclaimed financial advisor and career counselor based in Purcellville, VA. Posting under the pseudonym hocus, Mr. Bennett has been exposed as a fraud and banned from most of the leading financial and retirement planning discussion forums on the Internet.

The Retire Early Home Page is pleased to announce the results of our 2007 financial and retirement planning discussion forum accreditation survey. The sites listed below meet all the standards and requirements for 'Hocus-Free' discussion and are eligible to proudly display this impressive 'Hocus-Free !'(TM) banner. We are especially pleased to extend accreditation to our friends at the Morningstar Diehards forum who took the final step towards qualifying by banning Passion Saving author Rob (hocus) Bennett from their forum today.

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1) raddr-pages.com

The original 'Hocus-Free' discussion forum.

2) early-retirement.org
Site recently sold to a new owner -- accreditation under review.

Hocus-Free since March 2005

3) The Motley Fool Discussion Boards


Hocus-Free since May 2003

4) nofeeboards.com

Special Posthumous Award -- Heavily-infected, but now Hocus-Free since the board suspended operations on March 26, 2005. Forum Administrator at the nofeeboards had to burn down the village to save the community. (Note: The nofeeboards.com archive was resurrected as the SeWeR board so that the community would not lose access to some of Rob (hocus) Bennett's more delusional postings.)

5)The SeWeR Board

Hocus-Free since May 2006

6) Vanguard Diehards Forum at Morningstar

Hocus-Free since February 20, 2007 -- these two astonishing threads finally led to hocus's banning; Diehards IV Announcement and Bogle's Big Mistake.

7) The new Vanguard Diehards Forum

Hocus-Free since its inception on February 20, 2007. Had 200 registered users in its first day of operation as a Hocus-Free! site.

We'd like to commend the administrators of these forums for their hard work in controlling Hocomania as it cascades across the Internet.

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