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Retire Early's IRA Toolkit.



Retire Early's IRA Toolkit.

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Your IRA will most likely be the foundation of your retirement. Especially, once you rollover your 401k account into a IRA so that you can avoid the high fees associated with many 401k plans. Retire Early's IRA Toolkit has all the metrics and diagnostic devices needed to keep your portfolio running at peak efficency.

Here's a menu listing to quickly get you to what you want to know:

[check mark] Should I transfer money from an ordinary IRA to a Roth IRA ?
Retire Early shows you how to make the calculation. Download the IRA Withdrawal Calculator and Roth Analyzer.
[check mark] Can I withdraw money from my IRA before age 59 ?
Retire Early shows you how to do it without incurring the 10% penalty tax. Check out the JavaScript IRA Withdrawal Calculator.
[check mark] The IRACALC spreadsheet
If you've been lucky enough to accumulate a large IRA balance this is for you. (Once you see how much your going to lose to income and estate taxes you'll agree - you should have Retired Earlier
[check mark] What is the maximum "safe" withdrawal rate in retirement ?
How much can you withdraw each year and still not outlive your money? Retire Early reviews the latest thinking on this issue.
[check mark] The Retire Early Safe Withdrawal Calculator.
A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that allows you to input your own data and determine your own safe withdrawal rate in retirement.
[check mark] The Retire Early Study on Safe Withdrawal Rates.
Some surprising findings on safe withdrawal rates and terminal portfolio values.

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