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Retire Early's Kareer Korner.

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Experts agree. Working for most big companies (and many small companies) basically blows. Retire Early shows you how to calculate where you stand and offers some insightful commentary. Valuable links for the beleaguered.

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[question mark] How do you calculate the "cost of working"?
If you add up all the costs and unpaid overtime you may have a minimum wage job.
[check mark] Retire Early in the news.
News and commentary on the Retire Early phenomenon.
[check mark] Should I stick around 40 years to collect a pension ?
Your defined benefit pension isn't worth as much as you think. Retire Early shows how to make the calculation.
[check mark] Why bother working ?
With the stock market over 9000 on the Dow, many folks are asking this question. Retire Early offers its unique perspective.
[check mark] Ralph Nader, Capitalist ?
Some surprising insights from the renowned consumer activist. Retire Early offers its unique perspective.
[check mark] Career Advice for Budding Early Retirees
Many readers will be astonished, but here's what I've found useful.
[check mark] Ralph Nader, Capitalist ? Revisited
Another look at these surprising insights from the renowned consumer activist.
[check mark] Actuaries Reveal -- Work Kills!
Some startling data from a major industrial corporation.



Additional useful information.

Disgruntled...The business magazine for people who still work for a living. A cynical look at corporations and the world of work.

Dilbert...His very own web site. A comical look at life in a cubicle.

Workaholics Anonymous...We know you don't have this problem. But, maybe you need to refer your boss to this site.

Corporate Career Advice...Cautionary insights for those lost in the bowels of some large bureaucracy.

Alva's Engineering Page...Excellent advice on how to make sure you're not getting the shaft in your Engineering career. Alva's wisdom is also applicable to cubicle dwellers in other fields like accounting, advertising, insurance, etc.

WhyWork.org...An outstanding collection of essays and philosophical insights into the world of work.

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