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Retire Early's Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement.



Retire Early's Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement.

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Perhaps the most important concern of an early retiree is, "How long will my money last?" Retire Early has developed a number of tools to answer this question.

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[check mark] The Retire Early Study on Safe Withdrawal Rates.
Some surprising insights on how much you'll need to live on, and why you'll likely be very wealthly when you're old and gray .
[check mark] Safe Withdrawal Rates for Concentrated Portfolios.
If you hold less than 10 stocks in your portfolio, these results may give you pause.
[check mark] Calculate your own Safe Withdrawal Rates.
Download the ****Millennium Edition**** of the Retire Early's Safe Withdrawal Calculator. It's an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to calculate withdrawal rates for pay out periods from 10 to 60 years.
[check mark] Are your mutual fund fees so high you can't retire ?
If your financial advisor is collecting too much in fees, you may never be able to retire.
[check mark] Using Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) to increase your safe withdrawal rate.
Adding these bonds to your portfolio can dramatically increase your 100% safe withdrawal rate.
[check mark] What's My Life Expectancy ? How Do I Select My Pay Out Period?
Some additional information that may help you decide on your safe withdrawal rate in retirement.
[check mark] FinancialEngines.com and Safe Withdrawal Rates.
Retire Early puts this online retirement planner through its paces and discovers a surprising assumption used to calculate retirement income.
[check mark] Variable Safe Withdrawal Rates.
Retire Early reader, Bob Herlien, contributed this variable withdrawal rate calculator. It is well worth your consideration if you are willing to take more risk in order to retire earlier.
[check mark] Safe Withdrawal Rates - The Pay Out Period Reset (POPR) Method.
Some good news if your plan is to spend it all (or at least as much as possible) while you're still alive.
[check mark] Safe Withdrawal Rates with a Cash Buffer.
Another effort from Retire Early reader, Bob Herlien. This spreadsheet looks at whether a "cash buffer" improves the 100% safe withdrawal rate.
[check mark] How diversified do you need to be?
A new way to look at "safe" withdrawal rates in retirement.
[check mark] How variable are variable withdrawal rates?
A different perspective on variable withdrawals from Motley Fool poster Dory36.
[check mark] Gus Smedstad's Calculator
A Windows execuable variation of the Retire Early Safe Withdrawal spreadsheet from Motley Fool poster GusSmed.
[check mark] Even Safer Withdrawal Rates.
Trimming your withdrawal rate by less than a 1/4 point makes a tremendous difference.
[check mark] Safe withdrawals for portfolios with 3 or more asset classes.
Does adding more asset classes to a retirement portfolio improve the safe withdrawal rate? Here's one perspective.
[check mark] On-line Version of the Safe Withdrawal Calculator.
An easy to use calculator based on the Retire Early Study on Safe Withdrawal Rates.
[check mark] The 4% Withdrawal in Bad Times
Retire Early looks at the 4% withdrawal rate and some things you can do to reduce volatility. (Note: This is the study mentioned in Scott Burns' Nov. 4, 2001 column.)
[check mark] Inflation-Adjusted Annuities
Do these new insurance products have anything to offer early retirees? How much do they improve the "safe" inflation-adjusted withdrawal rate?
[check mark] Should I tap my IRA first in retirement?
Depending on the size of your IRA and how early you retire, the well-worn conventional wisdom that you should tap your taxable accounts first may be wrong.
[check mark] Safe Withdrawal Rates and P/E Ratios
An interesting comparison of historical price/earnings ratios for the S&P00 and safe withdrawal rates.
[check mark] Combining Safe Withdrawal Rates and Life Expectancy
If you select a long enough pay out period, you'll probably die before you run out of money.
[check mark] Optimizing the Fixed Income Portion of a Retirement Portfolio.
What fixed income securities should be used in a retirement portfolio?
[check mark] Retiring at the Worst of Times.
How does the current bear market compare to the worst times in the past?.
[check mark] Where do these guys get a 2% safe withdrawal rate?
A look at Monte Carlo and actuarial retirement withdrawal analysis.
[check mark] Another Look at Safe Withdrawal Rates and PE Ratios
You may be able to make larger withdrawals from your retirement portfolio when PEs are low.

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