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John Greaney accepts a limited number of speaking engagements each year. He has delighted audiences with his combination of financial "straight talk" and hilarious anecdotes from his 17 year business career in some of the most hidebound bureaucracies on Earth. His 60-90 minute presentation on early retirement and how investors can protect themselves from excessive fees and commissions can be tailored to any group.

Mr. Greaney earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from WPI and an MBA from Syracuse University. He worked as an engineer and capital cost analyst for several Fortune 500 companies in the oil & gas and chemical industries before retiring in 1994 at the age of 38. Mr. Greaney applied many of the same cost engineering techniques used on billion dollar projects to his own finances. He believes that the ability to effectively manage one's living expenses while minimizing fees and commissions on savings and investments is the key to early retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question No. 1

Q. Why is Mr. Greaney available for only "a limited number of speaking engagements each year?"

A. Hey, he's retired. He's willing to do his share, but he's not trying to promote this thing into a full time job.

Question No. 2

Q. What is Mr. Greaney's fee for speaking?

A. The usual fee is $15,000 to $25,000 depending on the sponsoring group, Mr. Greaney's travel schedule, and his interest in visiting your city.

Question No 3

Q.Why did Mr. Greaney retire early and create the Retire Early Home Page?"

A. He retired early because he was sick of going to meetings, wearing a suit and tie, and kissing up to the boss. He didn't mind doing engineering work, but had a low tolerance for all the B.S. that surrounds earning a living in a large corporate bureaucracy. Starting planning for retirement at age 25, he was in a position to tell his boss "to go stuff it" at age 38. That was 1994 and he reports he hasn't looked back since.

That's Retire Early's version of the "American Dream" - to be able to tell your boss "to go screw himself" and be financially rewarded for your insight and good judgement.

Mr. Greaney created the Retire Early Home Page as a public service. He needed to do the research and develop the Excel spreadsheets to manage his own retirement assets anyway, so it doesn't take much additional effort to post them for others to use. Having managed his own retirement funds since 1981, Mr. Greaney found that about 98% of what people hear from stock brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, etc. is NOT GOOD FOR THEM and only serves to line the pockets of these various "financial advisors." The smartest thing to do is to minimize what you pay in fees and commissions.

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