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UP-1984 Mortality Table Annuity Calculator.


UP-1984 Mortality Table Annuity Calculator.

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This article was posted on January 4, 1999.

The annuity method requires the most complex calculation of the three methods permitted by the IRS for penalty-free early withdrawals from an IRA. While the IRS recommends in Publication 590 that an individual seek professional help in applying the annuity method, it is possible for a computer literate taxpayer to download the Excel spreadsheet below and make the calculation himself.

Retire Early Annuity Factor Calculator
(annu98.zip (12kb) expands to annu98.xls (35kb))

In order to use the annuity calculator, you will need the latest "long-term applicable Federal rate." The annuity calculator is designed to use the annual rate. This can found at the IRS web site, under Applicable Federal Rates. You should use the long-term rates listed in Table 1.

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