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Alaska Trip June 2010 - Juneau, Skagway.


Pictures from Alaska Trip June 2010
Juneau, Skagway.

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This article was posted on September 30, 2010.

1) Anchorage and Denali Charter Flight
2) Wasilla, Seward Highway, Hubbard Glacier
3) Juneau, Skagway
4) Icy Strait Point, Ketchican
5) Vancouver, BC, Amtrak Cascade

Picture 1:
Sailing into Juneau Harbor.

Picture 2:
250 ft Motor Yacht Ocean Victory in Juneau Harbor.

The Ocean Victory is #71 on the list
of the 100 largest private yachts.

Picture 3:
Juneau's Chicken Yard Park.

Picture 4:
View of Juneau from the Chicken Yard

Picture 5:
Side hill sidewalk in the Chicken Yard neighborhood

Picture 6:
Alaska Governor's Mansion

Picture 7:
Windfall Fisherman

Statue across the street from Alaska State Capitol Building

Picture 8:
Patsy Ann the Bull Terrier

Beloved Alaskan dog that met every ferry and
cruise ship at the dock before her death in 1942.

Picture 9:
Leaving Juneau

Warm and bright June day

Picture 10:
Cruise ship at dock in Skagway
at the Northern end of Lynn Canal

Picture 11:
Alaska State Ferry Malaspina at dock in Skagway

Picture 12 and 13:

The Port of Skagway served miners during the Klondike Gold Rush.
It's also the Southern Terminus of the White Pass and Yukon Route railway

Picture 14:
Statue memorializing Skagway's place as the 'Gateway to the Klondike' ...

Picture 15:
..and a plaque to the memory of the thousands of pack animals that died enroute.

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