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How do I Retire Early ?



How do I Retire Early ?

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[check mark] How do I Retire Early?
(1) Manage expenses, (2) accumulate capital, (3) invest wisely by minimizing fees and commissions.
[check mark] How do I manage my expenses?
Ideas on how to cut expenses, maintain your lifestyle, and get you that much closer to the day you can Retire Early.
[check mark] The Big Question: How much money do I need to retire on?
Retire Early shows you how to make this important calculation.
[check mark] How much should I be paying in fees?
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. averages 0.02% of assets. Retire Early shows you how to do the same.
[check mark] If the Dow dropped by 50% could I stay retired ?
Now's the time to analyze the effect of a real crash on your investments.
[check mark] Retirement expenses and taxes, state by state.
Links and resources for retirement information in the 50 states.
[check mark] Should I Retire Early ?
Some things to consider while pondering the big decision.
[check mark] Career Advice for Budding Early Retirees.
Many readers will be astonished, but here's what I've found useful.
[check mark] Is there a "Retire Early" personality type?
Some interesting results from a survey we did on the Motley Fool message board.
[check mark] Retire Early Safe Contribution Calculator
How much must I save each year to be "100% sure" I'll have "X" dollars in "Y" number of years? Here's the answer.
[check mark] Can You Retire on CDs and Money Market Funds?
A look at some of the risks most people ignore.
[check mark] Retirement Investing: The high cost of low volatility.
Adding the "shock absorber" of cash to your portfolio may mean you'll retire on less.
[check mark] Should you use bonds to save FOR retirement?
Every time there's a decline in the market, folks flee to bonds. It's usually a mistake.
[check mark] Investing for retirement.
How to save for retirement. Some thoughts on the time and effort required for investing in various asset classes.
[check mark] Real Life Retiree Investment Returns.
A look at the performance of various investment strategies since I retired in November 1994. (2003 Update to the article.)
[check mark] FICO® Scores and Early Retirees.
An interesting survey of the creditworthiness of early retirees.

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