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This article was last updated February 21, 2006.

With the demise of the Motley Fool's Soapbox.com service, the Retire Early Home Page (REHP) is now offering selected retirement reports for sale. Topics include the psychology of retirement, savings and investment strategies, safe withdrawal rates, retirement plan taxation, etc.

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Report #001

How much can you safely withdraw from your retirement portfolio? (2nd Edition)
by John P. Greaney, PE

Will your retirement portfolio last as long as you do? Few researchers have studied this topic and much of the advice offered by those that haven't is downright dangerous! This report traces the history of "safe withdrawal" studies and provides an overview of the Retire Early Study on Safe Withdrawal Rates available at www.RetireEarlyHomePage.com. Among the topics covered are; the impact of inflation and investment expenses on your retirement withdrawals, "how much diversification do you need?” and an analysis of some safe withdrawal alternatives such as immediate life annuities and Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS). All these concerns are answered in the context of "Would that withdrawal strategy have survived every event in the last 130 years of stock market history?"

The 2nd Edition contains additional information on selecting the length of your pay out period, safe withdrawal rates for portfolios with three or more asset classes, and examples of how to integrate safe withdrawals from your retirement portfolio with a pension or Social Security. For readers who worry, the new edition also compares what has happened in Japan over the past 10 years with retirement withdrawals during the Great Depression in the United States from 1929-1941.

Date Published: April 1, 2001 ---- Length - 68 pages ---- Price $5.00

Report #002

Drive Your Financial Advisor's Porsche and Retire Before 40 -- The simple arithmetic of saving and investing
by John P. Greaney, PE

How much is your financial advisor costing you? Is he delaying your retirement? What do you need to do to retire before age 40?

This report details the three things necessary to prepare for a “risk-free” early retirement: 1) managing your living expenses, 2) maximizing disposable income, and 3) minimizing investment expenses. Next, the author reprises the Retire Early Home Page classic, “Don’t Get Screwed by Your Estate Lawyer”, and offers a few tips on making sure that your attorney doesn’t have your loved ones by the “short and curlies” after you expire. Easing into the most technical section of the report, he shows how to actually estimate when you’ll be able to retire early and provides a free, downloadable Excel spreadsheet to assist readers in making the calculation. Should You Retire Early? As hard as it is to believe, some folks with more than enough in their retirement account chose to continue working – are you among this group? The results of the Retire Early Personality Study conducted in March/April 2000 provides some convincing evidence that the folks who truly relish early retirement make up only a small proportion of the population. Are you a member of this happy tribe? Links to some on-line personality tests provide the answer. Finally, the author provides some very compelling, real world, evidence that even if you can afford to pay cash for a Porsche, it’s not likely to be the best thing for you.

(SPECIAL HEALTH WARNING: Because of the powerful ideas contained in this report, financial professionals are advised to approach this document with caution. If it doesn’t curl your hair, there is at least a small chance its high-octane content will visibly anger you and cause your head to burst into flames.)

Date Published: August 28, 2000 ---- Length - 29 pages ---- Price $5.00

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