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April/June 2024 ...................................................................................... Volume 29, Number 2

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Editor's note: Starting with the January 1, 2018 issue, the Retire Early Home Page will be updated four times per year (i.e., Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct). After doing this for twenty plus years, I'm running out of things to say about early retirement, other than the obvious -- it's completely awesome.

Tired of commuting? Fed up with a nitwit boss? Bored with your job? Have you come to the conclusion that all this talk of empowerment is idiocy? Does Dilbert ring true? Are you, in the words of civil rights pioneer Fannie Lou Hamer, just plain "sick and tired of being sick and tired"? There's a solution. Start doin' what you want to do. Get control of your life, become financially independent, and Retire Early .

The Retire Early Home Page is one of the Web's first totally spam and scam free sites devoted to saving and investing for retirement. You need to be careful. It's easy to lose money even when dealing with an impressively credentialed, fully licensed financial professional. The investment world is a lot like political campaign financing -- the real scandal is what's legal. Just as the lady at K-Mart is unlikely to tell you that an item is cheaper at Wal-Mart, the man at Paine-Webber won't tell you you can save at Vanguard -- or completely eliminate fees and commissions by opening a Treasury Direct account. Retire Early shows you how to look out for your interests and make sure nobody yanks the yolk right out of your retirement nest egg.

(Site devoted to Vanguard Funds and Jack Bogle)
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New and timely this month:

[check mark] 2023 Update: Real-Life Retiree Investment Returns
Retire Early's annual update to a few real life retiree investment portfolios.
[check mark] Is there a "Retire Early" personality type?
Some interesting results from a survey we did on the Motley Fool message board.
[check mark] The 4% Withdrawal in Bad Times
Retire Early looks at the 4% withdrawal rate and some things you can do to reduce volatility. (Note: This is the study mentioned in Scott Burns' columns of Nov. 4, 2001 and Feb. 26, 2002.)
[check mark] The Retire Early Study on Safe Withdrawal Rates.
A brief summary of the research that first appeared on the Retire Early web site in 1998.
[check mark] How much can you safely withdraw from your retirement portfolio? (2nd Edition)
The classic safe retirement withdrawals report published in 2001.
[check mark]Can I withdraw money from my IRA before age 59 1/2?
More and more people are interested in the 72(t) exception. Read the details and use Retire Early's online withdrawal calculator.
[check mark] The Retire Early Book Shelf
Several readers have asked for a list of the best books on retirement. Here's what I've found useful.
[check mark] Download Free software
Retire Early has developed a variety of financial planning software programs. Click here to check out the list and download what you need.

Here's a menu listing to quickly get you to what you want to know:

[check mark] Top 10 reasons to Retire Early.
Folks have all kinds of reasons to retire early. Is yours on the list?
[question mark] Retire Early's Kareer Korner.
Experts agree. Working in most big companies (and many smaller companies) basically blows. Links for the beleaguered.
[check mark] How do I Retire Early?
(1) Manage expenses, (2) accumulate capital, (3) invest wisely by minimizing fees and commissions.
[check mark] Fees, commissions, and financial advisors.
How much should you be paying in fees ? How should you choose a financial advisor ?
[check mark] Retire Early's IRA Toolkit.
A collection of research and spreadsheets for managing your IRA. Includes the popular JavaScript IRA Withdrawal Calculator.
[check mark] Millennium Edition -- The Generation-X Retirement Planner
This spreadsheet allows you to calculate how much money you'll need to Retire Early. (Assumes no Social Security or company pension benefits.)
[check mark] Health Insurance and Early Retirement
Health insurance is a big obstacle to early retirement for many people. Here are a few resources to help you navigate the swamp.
[check mark] Early Retirement Plan Failures.
Studying some of the mistakes people make can sharpen your own retirement plan. Passion Saving author Rob Bennett is the poster boy for bad retirement planning.
[check mark] Social Security and Early Retirement.
How will retiring early reduce my Social Security benefit? Probably not as much as you think.
[check mark] Resume of John P. Greaney, P.E.
Several readers have asked what I did before Retire Early. Here's the details.
[check mark] Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement.
How long will my money last? A collection of research and calculators designed to help you answer that questiion.
[check mark] Can you come speak to our group?
John Greaney, the creator of Retire Early , is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year.

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